Unity 2019.3.0f1 URP 7.1.6 January 13th 2020

Simple Water Shader

I created a basic stylized water shader, free to use. The shader is simple, but effective in creating an interesting stylized look. 3D model of the castle was created by mStuff on sketchfab.

Wanted to make one of those cool 60 second tutorials. Here's a #shadersdonequick on how to make beautiful toon/stylized water! 🌊🐠 You can get the graph here https://t.co/UeDTZrglRa #unitytips #madewithunity #indiedev #gamedev #tutorial #shaders pic.twitter.com/EHZxafHSYY

— Alexander Ameye (@alexanderameye) January 13, 2020

You can download the source files here.