Unity 2019.3.0f6 URP 7.2.0 February 18th 2020

Simple Toon Shader

I created a basic toon shader, free to use. 3D model of the shiba inu was created by Ida Fabere on sketchfab. The shader you'll find below is slightly more advanced than in the video. It gives you more control over the color gradient and also supports shadows.

Ever wondered how to do toon shading? I got you covered! Here's a short and sweet 60 second #shadersdonequick tutorial. 🐶 You can get the graph here https://t.co/exNPPXguDk #unitytips #madewithunity #indiedev #gamedev #tutorial #shaders pic.twitter.com/akkxwWdm2p

— Alexander Ameye (@alexanderameye) February 18, 2020

You can download the source files here.