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My name is Alexander Ameye. I am a ...

👨‍💻 Software engineer

👍 Junior technical consultant @

🌈 Graphics programming enthusiast

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  • 🎓 Master's year

    Computer science | Human-computer interaction


  • ☀️ Internship

    AE | Full stack software engineer


  • 🎓 Master's degree

    Electronics and ICT Engineering Technology


  • 🏅 Award nominee

    Unity best artistic tool for Stylized Water For URP


  • 🎓 Bachelor's degree

    Electronics and ICT Engineering Technology


  • ✈️ Student exchange

    Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, South Korea 🇰🇷


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🔆 Creating a physically-based path tracer

My first steps writing an offline renderer in Rust.

🎯 Sampling the hemisphere

Various schemes used to sample a hemisphere for use in graphics programming.

🌈 Rendering realtime caustics

How to render realtime caustics in Unity.

👑 Writing a chess engine in C++

Chess engine programming by someone who is bad at chess.

🖍️ 5 ways to draw an outline

Different techniques for rendering outline effects.

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